Wrong Fuel Hackney – Petrol in Diesel Hackney

Need a Fuel Drain in Hackney? Call Wrong Fuel London now for fast, efficient and cost-effective service. We have engineers who cover the entirety of Hackney and, in fact, the whole of London.

We are fully trained on doing fuel drains on all makes and models. The technicians are professional and willing to come out to you wherever you are, and at whatever time of day or night. We’ve already conducted numerous fuel drains in the Hackney area, all E, EC and N postcodes. As the below examples of fuel drains will testify, we’re good at what we do:

Wrong fuel Bethnal Green – Petrol in Diesel Bethnal Green

Or fuel drainer was called out to help a gentleman whose Volvo S80 had ground to a halt on the Bethnal Greed Road, much to his chagrin. “I put the wrong fuel in my car and then I got stuck in the traffic. Luckily, these guys were able to help me.” It was a busy day, but our technician managed to arrive within an hour of receiving his call, despite the traffic, and expertly performed the necessary fuel drain.


Wrong fuel Dalston – Petrol in Diesel Dalston

We carried out a fuel drain on a VW Tiguan in Lavender Grove, Dalston not so long ago. The driver told us “I can’t understand how I managed to put petrol in my diesel car.” We were quite up to the challenge, though and removed the wrong fuel in a very short space of time.


Wrong fuel De Beauvoir Town – Petrol in Diesel De Beauvoir Town

Fifty minutes after receiving a distress call from a young man who was stuck on De Beauvoir Road, our technician was busy removing the wrong fuel from the Ford Ka which had stalled. “I went and put petrol in my diesel car and was quite worried I’d messed up the engine,” he confessed. Needless to say, we soon performed the fuel drain and the driver was able to continue his journey, no harm done.


Wrong fuel Finsbury Park – Petrol in Diesel Finsbury Park

When our fuel drainer arrived in Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, he found the driver of the Ford Galaxy trying to keep his two young children amused whilst they were waiting. “I must have been a bit distracted at the petrol station, and I put the wrong fuel in my diesel car.” Our technician removed the petrol from the diesel engine, carried out a cleanse and re-primed the engine with fresh diesel. We soon had the father and his youngsters on their way back home.


Wrong fuel Hackney Central – Petrol in Diesel Hackney Central

Our technician attended to a young lady who had been driving a Honda Jazz down Amherst Road in hackney Central before her car stalled on her. She had put petrol in her diesel car at a nearby petrol station and she was a bit apprehensive about possible damage to her car. Our technician did a great job of removing the wrong fuel, cleaning the lines and topping up the Jazz with petrol. “I was so relieved when I realized my car would be fine afterwards. Thanks very much for a great service.”


Wrong fuel Hackney Downs – Petrol in Diesel Hackney Downs

A man misfueled his Mercedes-Benz 112 CDi at the Jet service station in Hackney Downs. Fortunately, he didn’t try to restart his van, so it was a simple matter for our technician to remove the wrong fuel from his van so he could continue his work. “The fuel drainer who sorted me out after I put petrol in my diesel van was really quick and efficient. Would reccommend.”


Wrong fuel Hackney Marshes – Petrol in Diesel hackney Marshes

We’ve been called out to Hackney Marshes quite a few times. The most recent incident was after a man put petrol in his diesel Land Rover Discovery at Clapton Service Station, Lower Clapton Road. He’d already put in about £20 worth of the wrong fuel before he grasped what he’d done and called us immediately. We were able to remove the wrong fuel in good time and the Land Rover was perfectly fine afterwards. “Your employee was very helpful after I put petrol in my diesel car and I’m thankful for the service.”


Wrong fuel Hackney Wick – Petrol in Diesel Hackney Wick

This time it was the A12 in Hackney Wick. A man called us to say “I’ve put the wrong fuel in my car, a Seat Alhambra. I managed to drive this far, but my car won’t go now; can you help?” The answer was, ‘Yes we can’ and that’s exactly what we did. In spite of the traffic, our fuel drainer had removed the wrong fuel from the Seat within an hour and a half of receiving the call. Job done!


Wrong fuel Haggerston – Petrol in Diesel Haggerston

A man needed our help when his car wouldn’t go further on Queensbridge Road near the Haggerston Park Tennis Courts. To say he was miffed with himself would be putting it mildly. “I can’t believe I went and put petrol in my diesel car, my lovely little Suzuki Swift!” he told us. We were able to drain the wrong fuel from his car and he had asked us to bring him £15 of fresh diesel so he could drive away straight after we had done the job. Just let us know how much fuel you need before we arrive and we will sort it for you.


Wrong fuel Homerton – Petrol in Diesel Homerton

A young couple found their car had stopped in Homerton High Street, quite near a fast food outlet. This meant they really didn’t mind waiting for our fuel drainer’s van to arrive on the scene. “I put petrol in my diesel car,” the young man told us rather sheepishly. Not to worry, our technician had soon removed the wrong fuel and put the right fuel into the car. He was also able to quickly pop into the fast food shop and grab a bite for lunch.


Wrong fuel Hoxton – Petrol in Diesel Hoxton

A man called us from his Mercedes-Benz S-Class saloon that had, much to his embarrassment, stopped quite a little way down from Hoxton Street Studios. “I’ve put petrol in my diesel car but I’m worried about it because it’s a Merc,” he told us. “Can you help without damaging my engine?” We put his mind at ease and we performed a full fuel drain with no problems or side effects to his motor. “It was a good job well done, and the price was reasonable. Thank you very much.”


Wrong fuel Kingsland – Petrol in Diesel Kingsland

Not too long ago we carried out a fuel drain outside a house in Hertford Road in Kingsland. The driver had filled up his diesel car with petrol at a nearby BP petrol station, and had managed to drive home before he became aware of what had happened. “When I figured out that I’d gone and put the wrong fuel in my car I was shocked at myself.” Our fuel drainer soon removed all the wrong fuel from the Nissan Micra and replaced it with the correct diesel. “Cheers, guys, you did a good job. Most grateful.”


Wrong fuel Lea Bridge – Petrol in Diesel Lea Bridge

The driver of the Vauxhall Astra TDi had inadvertently pumped petrol into their diesel car at a nearby petrol station and was now stuck outside a complete stranger’s home in Paradise Park, Lea Bridge. He called us up and our technician was with him within about eighty minutes, because of the traffic. We soon took the wrong fuel from the car and the driver resumed his journey. “I will do my best to remember never to put petrol in my diesel car again. But this company was great and I’d have no problem recommending them to anyone.”


Wrong fuel London Fields – Petrol in Diesel London Fields

We got a call to rescue a driver who was stuck at the Texaco petrol station in Mare Street, London Fields after he had mistakenly put petrol in his diesel Honda Civic. “I found these guys on the internet and I’m chuffed I did. They fixed everything up after I put petrol in my diesel car. Sorted, no problems. Would definately reccomend.”


Wrong fuel Lower Clapton – Petrol in Diesel Lower Clapton

Our fuel drainer found himself removing petrol from a diesel car in Chatsworth Road, Lower Clapton on a beautiful day this summer. The Audi a3 refused to budge after the driver poured petrol into this diesel car at a nearby fuel station. “I felt like a right idiot, putting petrol in my diesel car,” the owner told us. Not to worry, it could happen to anyone and luckily we are able to put it right. Our technician did a fuel drain and brought with him some clean diesel to prime the engine afterwards.


Wrong fuel Manor House – Petrol in Diesel Manor House

One of our customers broke down on the busy Seven Sisters Road in Manor House. “I put petrol in my diesel van, and I was a bit worried about it, I can tell you! But these guys came along and helped me get going again quickly. I was a bit late for my next appointment, but that was my fault for putting the wrong fuel in my van. Cheers guys.”


Wrong fuel Newington Green – Petrol in Diesel Newington Green

A woman rang us to perform a spot of wrong fuel removal from her Vauxhall 1.7 Corsa which was then parked outside a property in Ferntower Road in Newington Green. It took us a little while to get there, what with the traffic calming in the area and so on, but we soldiered on and completed a full fuel drain and cleanse on the spot. “I feel a bit silly for putting petrol in my diesel car. I’ve only had the car a short while, so I must have been just filling up on automatic. I’m glad you could fix my problem and your representative was courteous and knowledgeable. I’d be more than happy to recommend you to friends and family. Thank you very much.”


Wrong fuel Shacklewell – Petrol in Diesel Shacklewell

Well, actually, we carried out a fuel drain on a VW Passat in Kingsland Road. “We were planning to park near Ashwin Street because we were going to the Shacklewell Theatre when our car suddenly stopped. In my rush to get there, I must have put petrol in my diesel car just after we left home. I’ll be more careful in future, but your representative was very helpful.”


Wrong fuel Shoreditch – Petrol in Diesel Shoreditch

A man called us from the Texaco filling station in Shoreditch because he had put the wrong fuel in his diesel vehicle, a VW Caddy. “I put petrol in my diesel van and I was gutted. Still can’t believe I did it.” We drained and flushed the van in no time, and the work went all the quicker because the driver hadn’t turned over the engine after the misfuel.


Wrong fuel South Hackney – Petrol in Diesel South Hackney

A man asked us to perform a fuel drain on his Peugeot 206 in King Edward’s Road in South Hackney. “I obviously put petrol in my diesel car and managed to drive up King Edwards Road before the car just stuttered and stopped. I realised what was wrong right away, so I called these guys and I have to say they did a great job. Very happy, and no problems with the car since.”


Wrong fuel Stamford Hill – Petrol in Diesel Stamford Hill

A man called us to help after his car stopped in Manor Road, Stamford Hill after he put the wrong fuel in his Renault Clio. “I actually put petrol in my diesel car. Such a foolish mistake.” We soon had our fuel drainer on site who took care of the problem in record time.


Wrong fuel Stoke Newington – Petrol in Diesel Stoke Newington

Quite recently we removed the wrong fuel from a Vauxhall Corsa at the BP filling station in Stoke Newington Road. “As soon as I knew I’d put petrol in my diesel car, I called these guys and they sorted my car with no probs.” Indeed, we had this driver on his way again with the hour, as our fuel drainer happened to be in the area doing a fuel drain in Stamford Hill and the driver hadn’t tried to re-start his car.


Wrong fuel Stoke Upper Clapton – Petrol in Diesel Upper Clapton

The driver of the Ford Transit Connect needed our services after he put the wrong fuel in his van at the Shell petrol station in Upper Clapton Road. “As soon as I hung up the pump nozzle I realised I’d put petrol in my blimming diesel van. The tank had been almost empty before I filled up so I knew I’d better not start the van because I wouldn’t get very far, would I?” We gave this van driver a happy ending to his morning when our technician came and cleared the incorrect fuel.