Wrong Fuel Barnet – Petrol in Diesel Barnet

Wrong Fuel London is a fuel drain company with a strong presence in Barnet. We’ve been, like the Grand Old Duke, marching up to the top of the hill and marching down again for many years. We cover the whole of the EN, N and NW Postcode areas, from Arkley to Woodside Park. So, if you’re looking for a fuel drain company in Barnet, London, look no further.

We’ve been out to resolve wrong fuel issues throughout the borough. Some examples to show our coverage include:

Wrong Fuel Arkley – Petrol in Diesel Arkley:

We did a Fiat 500 for a lady just down the road from the Arkley Golf Club in Arkley, Barnet. She’d put petrol in her diesel and we had to drain and flush it through before she could be on her way again.

Wrong Fuel Barnet – Petrol in Diesel Barnet

One of our Wrong Fuel London company engineers was on his way home travelling down Barnet Hill when he saw a heavily pregnant lady fussing over her car on the side of the road. He pulled over to find that she’d put the wrong fuel in her Rover 25 in Barnet and needed some help. He quickly had the drain and flush done and they were both home in no time.

Wrong Fuel Barnet Gate – Petrol in Diesel Barnet Gate

We were called out here to attend a Triumph Trophy 1200 motorcycle that had been misfueled. It was a very simple job because it hadn’t been started and was still sitting at the Shell Barnett By-Pass. It was refuelled and running again within 15 minutes of arrival on-scene.

Wrong Fuel Brent Cross – Petrol in Diesel Brent Cross

Last week we were called out to the Brent Cross Shopping Centre, Barnet, to resolve a misfueled Ford Fiesta. The customer had put diesel in the petrol tank and drove off obliviously. Unfortunately the car soon shuddered to a halt outside the shopping centre. We came out and drained the wrong fuel out, flushed the lines and cleaned the engine. He was off again within 45 minutes.

Wrong Fuel Brunswick Park – Petrol in Diesel Brunswick Park

A distraught customer called us from the North London Business Park. She had put diesel in her petrol Vauxhall Insignia in Brunswick Park. We came out and drained the tank for her. She was very relieved because we had the job done so fast that she didn’t have to arrange someone else to pick up the kids from school.

Wrong Fuel Burnt Oak – Petrol in Diesel Burnt Oak

An elderly gentleman driving a brand new Skoda Yeti called us a few weeks ago. He was parked on a double yellow line on Burnt Oak Broadway, right outside Maplin. He’d put the wrong fuel in his car in Burnt Oak and needed a fuel drain. We were there within 30 minutes and had the car going again a short while later.

Wrong Fuel Childs Hill – Petrol in Diesel Childs Hill

The most recent fuel drain we did on a car with the wrong fuel in Childs Hill was made a little more complicated by the fact that the Ford Transit van was parked on a steeply sloping driveway. We had to get the van level before draining it. Needless to say we got the job done despite the obstacles and the customer was very happy.

Wrong Fuel Church End – Petrol in Diesel Church End

About a month ago we were called out to a fuel drain in a layby on Hendon Lane, just outside St Mary’s Hall. The customer had put the wrong fuel in his Volvo V70. Our engineer was only 2 blocks away at the time but it took him 30 minutes to get to the vehicle such was the traffic. We weren’t happy with the delay but the customer was delighted – his breakdown service had quoted a 3 hour wait!

Wrong Fuel Cockfosters – Petrol in Diesel Cockfosters

We’ve had one or two call-outs from the Esso on Bramley Road due to someone putting the wrong fuel in their car in Cockfosters. Each time he goes there, our engineer states that he “has to” go into the little Café and Grill near the petrol station because “they make the best burgers around!” So if you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car in Cockfosters give us a call – he’s getting hungry for those burgers again.

Wrong Fuel Colindale – Petrol in Diesel Colindale

Imagine the embarrassment of being stuck in the turning lane on the Edgware Road in the middle of rush-hour in a car that won’t start. That’s what happened to one of our customers a number of weeks ago. He’d put petrol in his diesel Land Rover Freelander 2 and driven it to a stand-still. We were out to him in a flash and helped him get the vehicle off the road (no small feat) and then drained and cleaned it.

Wrong Fuel Colney Hatch – Petrol in Diesel Colney Hatch

We’ve been out to the Tesco Petrol Station in Colney Hatch a number of times to resolve wrong fuel problems. Fortunately most of these jobs have been very straight-forward due to the fact that the vehicles are still at the petrol station and not run. This is really handy because it allows the engineer a few minutes to pop into the Tesco and get some shopping.

Wrong Fuel Cricklewood – Petrol in Diesel Cricklewood

Have you ever been to the McDonald’s on Cricklewood Broadway? Our engineer has. He was called out to do a fuel drain on a wrong fuel Toyota Yaris almost right on their doorstep last week.

Wrong Fuel East Barnet – Petrol in Diesel East Barnet

A few weeks ago we had a lady call us up after having put the wrong fuel in her car in East Barnet. She had filled her new Toyota Yaris with petrol instead of diesel and has driven it to a halt right on the dual carriageway section of Russell Lane. We were with her within the hour, had the wrong fuel drained and the vehicle running again in no time.

Wrong Fuel East Finchley – Petrol in Diesel East Finchley

It’s been a while since we were called out to attend a wrong fuel vehicle at the Esso petrol station on Archway Rd/Baker’s Lane but the last time we were there we had to get under the back seat of a misfueled Mercedes E320. The driver put petrol in the diesel vehicle and we had it drained out for him.

Wrong Fuel Edgware – Petrol in Diesel Edgware

The life of a fuel drainer isn’t all fun as one of our wrong fuel jobs in Edgware will prove. The customer had put 50 litres of petrol in his diesel Toyota RAV4 and had broken down at a pedestrian crossing on Hale Lane. Not only was it pouring with rain, but our technician had to contend with draining the vehicle in crazy London rush-hour traffic. The job was done – but it wasn’t fun.

Wrong Fuel Finchley – Petrol in Diesel Finchley

An unlucky young man put £20 of petrol in his diesel Jaguar XF and drove it to a stand-still. We were called out to his house just off Hendon Lane and had it drained out and cleaned up in super-fast time. The customer was really pleased with the service and the car has been running great ever since.

Wrong Fuel Friern Barnet – Petrol in Diesel Friern Barnet

A few weeks back we were called out to the BP connect on the Friern Barnet Road. The customer had put petrol in a diesel Seat Ibiza. We’re not quite sure how she managed it but there was over 30 litres of the wrong fuel in her car. We had to drain it all out and re-prime the system with clean fuel. Job done in less than 30 minutes.

Wrong Fuel Golders Green – Petrol in Diesel Golders Green

Our last job in Golders Green involved a broken down misfueled rental Audi A3 that had been driven on a mix of 70% petrol and 30% diesel. The customer was staying at a hotel on Golders Green Road and we had our engineer there in the wee hours of the morning draining it and cleaning the fuel system.

Wrong Fuel Grahame Park – Petrol in Diesel Grahame Park

We got really excited when we received a call-out from the RAF Museum on Grahame Park Way to attend a misfueled vehicle. At first we thought it might be our first work on an aeroplane – we’ve already done cars, vans, bikes, busses, boats and heavy machinery. Unfortunately it turned out to be a little Nissan Micra belonging to a staff member – petrol in diesel. Oh well, better luck next time.

Wrong Fuel The Hale – Petrol in Diesel The Hale

We’ve done a few fuel drains at the Texaco on Hale Lane. It would seem that the area is prone to misfueling. Our last job there was a diesel Qashqai filled to the brim with petrol. We were on scene and clear within 60 minutes of receiving the call-out.

Wrong Fuel Hampstead Garden – Petrol in Diesel Hampstead Garden

We don’t often have to come out to do a fuel drain on vehicles on the North Circular, but I remember a specific one where a customer had put petrol in his diesel BMW 7 series in Hampstead Garden. He then got less than 3 miles along the North Circular when he broke down. Our engineer was called out at 4am in the driving rain to sort out the vehicle.

Wrong Fuel Hendon – Petrol in Diesel Hendon

We had a call out the other day to the Texaco petrol station on Hendon Way because a customer had put the wrong fuel in his Vauxhall Corsa. The ironic thing about the job was that we had done a job on that same Corsa three days earlier when his wife had misfueled it. Fortunately he saw the funny side of it.

Wrong Fuel The Hyde – Petrol in Diesel The Hyde

You’d be surprised at the number of jobs we’ve done in the Hyde. The Sainsburys at the retail park is a particularly common place for us to get called out to. Fortunately there are lots of distractions around and we generally tell the customers to pop into one of the shops for a coffee while we work on the car.

Wrong Fuel Mill Hill – Petrol in Diesel Mill Hill

There was an absolutely beautiful Porsche 911 GT3 that we worked on in Mill Hill a few months back. The customer has literally just bought it and was filling it up for the 1st time. Unfortunately he put the wrong fuel in it and we had the pleasure of coming out to drain and clean it out. Firing it up after the drain was completed was like a dream come true for our technician.

Wrong Fuel Monken Hadley – Petrol in Diesel Monken Hadley

Last week we did a fuel drain on a Ford Transit that was parked up in a bus stop on Hadley Green in Monken Hadley. The customer had tried to save a few quid by filling it up with biodiesel instead of the correct stuff. Needless to say the engine didn’t approve and soon gave up trying to run. We had to not only drain the tank but also wash through the entire fuel system – not a hard job, but very time-consuming. I hope he learned a valuable lesson from it.

Wrong Fuel Oakleigh Park – Petrol in Diesel Oakleigh Park

We were called out to attend a diesel VW Golf at a residential address in Oakleigh Park some time back. The elderly customer had mistakenly put £20 of unleaded in it instead of diesel. After our engineer had drained and fixed the car the customer was so happy that she invited him in for tea and biscuits.

Wrong Fuel Osidge – Petrol in Diesel Osidge

I’ve searched through our records but I can’t find any fuel drains we’ve done in Osidge. However, we have done a drain on a Vauxhall Astra whose owner lives on Osidge Lane. So I guess that’s close enough.

Wrong Fuel Totteridge – Petrol in Diesel Totteridge

Have you ever seen a Bentley Continental GTC? If you haven’t you’re missing out – it’s a beaut! And we had the pleasure of doing a fuel drain on one recently along Totteridge Common. The customer had put the wrong fuel in it and did the wise thing of calling us out to fix it.

Wrong Fuel Whetstone – Petrol in Diesel Whetstone

We did a fuel drain on a Mercedes SLK at the North Middlesex Gold Club in Whetstone a few months back. I don’t know what was going on but the customer had put $50 of diesel into an unleaded car. He then managed to coerce it to the golf club for his game and had us come out to drain and clean it while he went off to do his round of 18.

Wrong Fuel Woodside Park – Petrol in Diesel Woodside Park

Similar to the story above, we also had a call out at the Darlands Lake Nature Reserve in Woodside Park where a patron had parked up her diesel Range Rover Evoque which was full of petrol. She went off for a nice time in the country while we sweated it out draining and cleaning out the fuel system. By the time she returned she was both relaxed and pleased.

As you can see from the above examples we are Barnet’s premium wrong fuel removal company. Unlike many other fuel drain companies we actually do offer fully 24/7 coverage and call-out.