Wrong Fuel Merton – Petrol in Diesel Merton

Need a Fuel Drain in Merton after putting the wrong fuel in your car? Fear not! Wrong Fuel London are only a phone call away. We cover the entirety of the Merton area, including all CR and SW postcodes. We have fuel drain specialists on call in the area ready and waiting to come out and drain your vehicle of the wrong fuel or contaminated fuel. We operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. All out technicians are fully trained and experienced in handling all types of vehicles.

Below is some feedback and examples of fuel drains we have done in Merton recently:

Wrong Fuel Bushey Mead – Petrol in Diesel Bushey Mead

A customer called us from his Ford Mondeo  2.0 TDCi 130 Zetec which was stuck on Bushey Road (the A298) near Bushey Mead. He needed a fuel drain company because he had put the wrong fuel in the fuel tank. “I still can’t believe I could actually put petrol in my diesel car!” Our technician carried out a full fuel drain and cleansed the system before putting some fresh diesel in the car and the man was able to get back home.


Wrong Fuel Colliers Wood – Petrol in Diesel Colliers Wood

A couple of weeks ago we were called out to Colliers Wood where a man had misfueled his Audi A4. “After I put petrol in my diesel car these guys came out and helped me.” He was still parked at the Sainsburys petrol station in Colliers Wood, so it was a simple task for our fuel drainer to take care of matters.


Wrong Fuel Copse Hill – Petrol in Diesel Copse Hill

We carried out a wrong fuel removal exercise outside a lovely house in Copse Hill not so long ago. “I had put petrol in my diesel car and managed to almost reach home when my car stopped.” Our technician went out, even though it was quite late at night, and carried out a full fuel drain and cleanse on the Jaguar XF 3.0d to everyone’s satisfaction.


Wrong Fuel Cottenham Park – Petrol in Diesel Cottenham Park

Our technician did a fuel drain in Cottenham Park Road after a misfuel at a nearby petrol station. Within an hour of arriving on the scene, we had the Citroen Berlingo sounding the way it should and ready to be taken back on the road. “I would definately recommend to my friends. I’m well happy there’s no damage done after I put the wrong fuel in my van.”


Wrong Fuel Lower Morden – Petrol in Diesel Lower Morden

A man rang us to help him after he had put petrol in his diesel VW Beetle. He had driven the Beetle to a house in Lower Morden Lane where he was visiting friends. “I found these guys on the internet and I’m glad they got the problem all sorted. I don’t think I’ll ever put petrol in my diesel car again.”


Wrong Fuel Merton Park – Petrol in Diesel Merton Park

A man called us from his Mercedes-Benz Sprinter where he had ground to a halt on the busy Kingston Road. “I mistakenly put petrol in my diesel car and I soon found out all about it a couple of miles down the road!” Fortunately we were able to get out to him in a relatively short time, considering the traffic, and he was soon back behind the wheel.


Wrong Fuel Mitcham – Petrol in Diesel Mitcham

Not too long ago we performed a fuel drain and cleanse on a VW Polo Match in Heathfield Drive in Mitcham. The young lady who called us had managed to drive her car from the Esso petrol station in Colliers Wood before her car decided it had had enough. “I’ve never put the wrong fuel in my car before, I can’t understand how I managed to do it.” Our fuel drainer arrived in Mitcham within the hour and this story had a happy ending.


Wrong Fuel Morden – Petrol in Diesel Morden

When a young lady called us from the Sainsbury Merton petrol station she was almost in tears. “I’ve put petrol in my car, and it’s a diesel car, a VW Golf and I don’t know what to do.” Or technician was with her in about twenty minutes, having just carried out a fuel drain nearby. And as she hadn’t tried to turn over the engine after the misfuel, the job didn’t take long at all.


Wrong Fuel Morden Park – Petrol in Diesel Morden Park

A couple who had planned to go to Morden Park found their car wasn’t in terribly good shape after he had tried to fill it up with petrol instead of diesel. Fortunately there was enough space to get our technicians’s van into the Morden Park car park to carry out the fuel drain. “This is a very helpful service; we’re very grateful to this fuel drain company. They removed all the petrol from our diesel car and the price was reasonable too.”


Wrong Fuel Motspur Park – Petrol in Diesel Motspur Park

A man had misfueled his Fort Transit with the wrong fuel at the Esso service station in Motspur Park. He was upset in case he had damaged his company van, but we were able to do the necessary fuel drain with no adverse side effects to his vehicle. “I can’t believe I could be such a numpty as to put petrol in my diesel van, but I did it!”


Wrong Fuel Phipps Bridge – Petrol in Diesel Phipps Bridge

The driver of the Peugeot Boxer was sorry that he had put petrol in his diesel van when he got to Phipps Bridge Road and his van coughed and stopped. “I’ve gone and put petrol in my diesel van,” is what he told us the first time he rang. To be honest, when he first called us he said he’d shop around, but he phoned us back shortly because our price and arrival time was the best. Needless to say, our fuel drainer had him back doing his deliveries within the time we’d quoted him.


Wrong Fuel Pollards Hill – Petrol in Diesel Pollards Hill 

We’ve been called out to do fuel drains in Pollards Hill a few times, both on the Merton side and the Croydon side. In one particular instance, our caller told us; “I’ve put petrol in my diesel car, but I managed to get my car home. It’s a Vauxhall Vectra.” Even though the car had been driven, our  trusty technician  drained the tank and purged the contaminated fuel before re-priming the can with clean diesel.


Wrong Fuel Raynes Park – Petrol in Diesel Raynes Park

A man phoned us from Sydney Road to say he had pumped petrol into his diesel Mercedes-Benz C Class C220 Elegance. “What a nightmare! How could I put petrol in my beautiful diesel car!” It took our technician roughly fifty minutes to completely drain the wrong fuel from the car. He thoroughly flushed the fuel lines, filter and pumps and then put fresh diesel in the car. The customer was happy and it hadn’t cost him dealership rates to get the job professionally done.


Wrong Fuel St.Helier – Petrol in Diesel St.Helier

An upset elderly man called us after his car refused to start outside St Helier Hospital. “In my hurry to get to my destination, I put petrol in my diesel car. I didn’t really realize until the car started to shudder and then it stalled near the hospital, right on the B278.” Luckily, our fuel drainers are expert in handling situations such as this, and we soon had to gentleman back on his way again


Wrong Fuel South Wimbledon – Petrol in Diesel South Wimbledon

We were in South Wimbledon not so long ago to do a fuel drain on a BMW 330 that had been misfueled at the nearby petrol station in Merton High Street. “After the car started giving trouble, I suddenly remembered that I’d put petrol in it. Couldn’t believe it!” It was a very busy day that time, but our technician was still able to perform a full fuel drain and purge within two hours, an hour and a half ahead of our competitor.


Wrong Fuel Summerstown – Petrol in Diesel Summerstown

Our customer, a busy delivery driver was headed down Summerstown when his van suddenly stopped because he had put petrol in the diesel Ford Transit, much to his dismay. “I called this fuel drain company after I put petrol in my diesel van and they fixed the problem for me. Van’s going fine. Would definitely recommend them to friends.”


Wrong Fuel West Barnes – Petrol in Diesel West Barnes

We were called out to help a stressed shopper whose car was stuck outside the shops in West Barnes Lane after a man had put unleaded in the couple’s diesel car. Unfortunately, they had already done their shopping, and it took us about fifty minutes to carry out the fuel drain, so we couldn’t help them avoid a parking charge. “This had taught me a lesson; I’ll never put petrol in my diesel car again, I’ll remember from now on that it’s a diesel car,” is what he promised.


Wrong Fuel Wimbledon – Petrol in Diesel Wimbledon

The man who rang us about needing a fuel drain done on his Volvo XC70 was very unhappy with himself. “I went and stuck petrol in my diesel car like a right wally. I’m so glad these people could help me.” We were with him in a matter of minutes on this occasion, having just completed a job nearby. “I was impressed with how quickly the fuel drainer got the job done. Cheers.”


Wrong Fuel Wimbledon Park – Petrol in Diesel Wimbledon Park

It was inevitable that someone would break down on Wimbledon Park Road at one time or another after putting petrol in their diesel car. Our caller said their 2.7 Luxury Jaguar started stuttering and they quickly steered it to the side of the road before it stopped completely. “All of a sudden I realized I’d put petrol in my diesel car. Unbelievable!” We quickly removed the wrong fuel from the car and the driver was able to peacefully continue his journey.