Wrong Fuel Sutton – Petrol in Diesel Sutton

Wrong Fuel London covers the entirety of Sutton, and its surrounding areas. We have an engineer posted right in Sutton to cover the SM Postcode, CR Postcode and KT Postcode. Some examples of fuel drains we have done in the area include the following:

Wrong Fuel Beddington – Petrol in Diesel Beddington

A few weeks back we were called out to do a fuel drain for an unfortunate customer who had put petrol in her diesel Vauxhall Astra and had broken down on the Croydon Road in Beddington. She was unlucky to have filled up with the wrong fuel, but was very lucky to have called us as our engineer was stationed less than 10 minutes away and we had her up and running again in next to no time.

Wrong Fuel Belmont – Petrol in Diesel Belmont

The most recent job we did in Belmont involved an elderly lady who had put petrol in her diesel Hyundai i30. She called us in a fuss as her local garage – the Belmont Garage – was closed for the long weekend and she desperately needed the car. We had the wrong fuel drained out within an hour of the call!

Wrong Fuel Benhilton – Petrol in Diesel Benhilton

We did a fuel drain on a Toyota Yaris not that long ago in Benhilton, right by the Rosehill Recreation Park. The customer had put £20 unleaded in his diesel car and needed a wrong fuel removal service. We keenly obliged and had him back on the road within 45 minutes of arriving on-scene.

Wrong Fuel Carshalton – Petrol in Diesel Carshalton

Last week we were called out to the BP petrol station on the Carshalton Road to do a fuel drain on a misfueled Lexus is220. Fortunately the customer hadn’t started the engine and it was a very simple job to just drain the wrong fuel out of the tank and get him going again.

Wrong Fuel Cheam – Petrol in Diesel Cheam

Another petrol station that we tend to visit every once in a while is the Esso on Malden Road in Cheam. The last time we were there it was to do a fuel drain on a wrong fuel Mercedes E220. A full tank of petrol in a diesel Mercedes takes quite a while to drain out of the saddle tanks. We were there for about an hour draining that one.

Wrong Fuel Hackbridge – Petrol in Diesel Hackbridge

We were called out to do a fuel drain on a VW Golf at a residential address just off London Road in Hackbridge a few weeks back. The strange thing about the drain was that it wasn’t the usual case of petrol in a diesel car – it was biofuel in a diesel car! Nevertheless we managed to get the tank drained out, the engine cleaned, and the car running again.

Wrong Fuel Little Woodcote – Petrol in Diesel Little Woodcote

A few months ago we were called to a Freelander II which had been misfueled and driven to a residential address off Little Woodcote Lane in London. We drained the wrong fuel out of both tanks, flushed the lines and added an additive to get the vehicle purring sweetly again.

Wrong Fuel St. Helier – Petrol in Diesel St. Helier

We’ve been called out a few times for wrong fuel removal to the BP on Green Wrythe Lane in St Helier. The most recent case was of a Mitsubishi L200 that someone tried to run on petrol instead of diesel. Obviously that didn’t work out so well but we drained the tank and flushed the fuel system so that the customer could drive off happy.

Wrong Fuel South Beddington – Petrol in Diesel South Beddington

We’ve done a few fuel drains in the Beddington area. I distinctly remember one where a customer had put unleaded in her diesel Volvo XC90. She had driven the vehicle from London to Brighton and back again on £20 unleaded and £60 diesel. Then the vehicle broke down and refused to start. Fortunately we were able to drain and clean it out and she hadn’t caused any damage to the pump or injectors. A very lucky case.

Wrong Fuel Sutton – Petrol in Diesel Sutton

There are quite a few petrol stations on the Brighton Road and we visit them regularly. I recall a fuel drain we did on a misfueled Ford S-Max (petrol in diesel) at the BP station in Sutton a while ago. The customer was on the way to Gatwick Airport to catch a flight. Luckily for him our engineer is stationed about 10 minutes from there and he was able to have the customer back on the road within 45 minutes of the first call.

Wrong Fuel Wallington – Petrol in Diesel Wallington

One of the strangest fuel drains we have done was at an apartment just off Manor Road in Wallington. It wasn’t a car that had been misfueled, or a normal case of petrol in diesel. The customer had been storing diesel in a container at his house and now wanted it removed for legal reasons. We obliged and had his house safe again.

Wrong Fuel Worcester Park – Petrol in Diesel Worcester Park

The Last wrong fuel removal we did in Worcester Park was at a family residence just off Malden Green. It was on a Peugeot Partner taxi – with customers in it! Fortunately we were faster than a replacement taxi and had the car running before the replacement taxi arrived to pick up the customers.