Wrong Fuel Wandsworth – Petrol in Diesel Wandsworth

We cover the entirety of the London Borough of Wandsworth so if you need a fuel drain or wrong fuel removal from your car in Wandsworth give us a call. Some examples of fuel drains we have done in Wandsworth include the following:

Wrong Fuel Balham – Petrol in Diesel Balham

A distressed young lady phoned us from the Balham High Road. She had put diesel in her petrol Ford Focus TDi in Balham. We came and drained the car for her. She was quite pleased given that we had the task finished so fast that she didn’t need to organise for her husband to collect the kids from nursery.

Wrong Fuel Battersea – Petrol in Diesel Battersea

The last fuel drain we carried out on a vehicle with the wrong fuel in Battersea was complicated by due to the fact that the Honda Accord was sitting on a sharply sloping drive. We were forced to get the car flat before draining it. It goes without saying we got the task completed despite having the problems and the driver was delighted.

Wrong Fuel Earlsfield – Petrol in Diesel Earlsfield

One of our drainers was on his route somewhere moving down Earlsfield Road when he noticed an expectant mother fussing over her automobile on the verge of the street. He stopped to discover that she’d put the wrong fuel in her Vauxhall Astra in Earlsfield and wanted a helping hand. He immediately had the fuel drain and purge completed and they were both on their way very quickly.

Wrong Fuel Furzedown – Petrol in Diesel Furzedown

Perhaps you have frequented the Furzedown St Paul’s Cathedral on Welham Road? Our drainer has. He was sent to perform a fuel drain on a wrong fuel Volvo C70 virtually on their front doorstep recently.

Wrong Fuel Nine Elms – Petrol in Diesel Nine Elms

Picture the humiliation of getting trapped in the turning lane on the Nine Elms Lane amid rush-hour in an automobile that won’t start. That’s what occurred with one of our contractors a few months back. He’d put unleaded in his diesel Peugeot van and run it to a stand-still. We were with him right away and assisted him move the automobile off the street (no minor deed) then simply drained and flushed it.

Wrong Fuel Putney – Petrol in Diesel Putney

We’ve also been to the Esso in Putney numerous times to handle misfueling issues. Luckily for us many of these jobs were quite simple considering that the automobiles are still at the filling station and not driven. This is actually convenient since it permits the technician a couple of minutes to go into the Tesco and do a bit of shopping.

Wrong Fuel Putney Vale – Petrol in Diesel Putney Vale

Our most recent call out in Putney Vale concerned a broken down misfueled hire Hyundai which had been run on a blend of 70% unleaded and 30% diesel. The client was staying in an inn on the Kingston Road and we got our drainer on scene in the very early hours of the day draining it and flushing the fuel lines.

Wrong Fuel Roehampton – Petrol in Diesel Roehampton

We don’t usually have to go out to perform a wrong fuel correction on cars on Roehampton Lane, but I recall a particular instance when someone had put unleaded in his diesel Mercedes A Class in Roehampton. He drove only three miles along Roehampton Lane when he broke down. Our technician was sent out at 4am in the pouring hail to straighten out the automobile.

Wrong Fuel Southfields – Petrol in Diesel Southfields

A little while back we had a young lady phone us up after putting the wrong fuel in her car in Southfields. She had brimmed her brand new BMW 3 Series with unleaded as opposed to diesel and had run it to a stop almost on the dual carriageway a segment of Merton Road. We were with her within the hour, had the incorrect fuel cleared and the automobile going once again without delay.

Wrong Fuel Streatham Park – Petrol in Diesel Streatham Park

The daily life of a fuel technician isn’t just pleasurable as one of our fuel jobs in Streatham Park will confirm. The client put around fifty litres of unleaded in his diesel Toyota and had broken down at a roundabout on Tooting Bec Road. It wasn’t just pouring with rain, but our engineer was required to cope with draining the automobile in insane London rush-hour congestion. The job was carried out – but it surely wasn’t enjoyable.

Wrong Fuel Tooting – Petrol in Diesel Tooting

You’d be astonished at the quantity of call-outs we’ve completed in Tooting. The BP petrol station at the shopping centre is a really common area for us to be called to. Thankfully there are numerous diversions around and we normally advise the clients to stroll down to one of the stores for a tea whilst we fix up the vehicle.

Wrong Fuel Wandsworth – Petrol in Diesel Wandsworth

We one time carried out a fuel drain on a Range Rover at the Shell Petrol Station, Wandsworth. The client put the wrong fuel in the car (unleaded in diesel) and we came to drain and clean the engine to get the car running once more. Being a straightforward car, the Range Rover was rolling again within half an hour of arriving on scene.

Wrong Fuel Wimbledon Common – Petrol in Diesel Wimbledon Common

About a year back a specific young guy chose to fill his father’s Audi A6 with unleaded on his way to a romantic liaison at the Texaco. However the automobile was a diesel. As you can imagine he didn’t manage to get far with it until we came to drain and clean the wrong fuel. He was delighted that he hadn’t wrecked his father’s automobile, but wasn’t as happy that he was delayed for his get-together.