Wrong Fuel Brent – Petrol in Diesel Brent

Wrong fuel Brent? We’re here to help.

If you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car in Brent our first piece of advice is to not start the car. This will reduce the chance of causing any damage to the sensitive fuel system components. If, however, you have already driven the car on the wrong fuel don’t panic. 98% of the run vehicles we have attended were perfectly fine after the wrong fuel was removed. We are one of the few fuel drain companies able to deal with all types of run misfueled vehicles.

We are local to the Brent area and can have an engineer out to you in next to no time to do a full fuel drain on your vehicle and get it going again. So whether you’re driving a Rolls Royce and put the wrong fuel in it in Alperton, or a diesel Renault Clio with petrol in it in Willesden, we’re the solution to the problem. Wrong Fuel London is London’s premium wrong fuel removal service.

We cover the entirety of Brent. Below are some examples of fuel drains we have done in Brent recently:

Wrong Fuel Alperton – Petrol in diesel Alperton

A few weeks back we were called out to do a fuel drain on a brand new Vauxhall Astra that had been misfueled at the Esso petrol station in Alperton. The customer had put 20 litres of petrol in the diesel car and needed us to come and remove the fuel. We had our engineer with him within 25 minutes of the call and he was back on his way in no time.

Wrong Fuel Brent Park – Petrol in diesel Brent Park

Last week we had a stranded customer on the North Circular near Brent Park. He’d misfueled his diesel Ford Mondeo and had broken down on the verge of the road. It was quite a nightmare trying to get his vehicle to safety and then drain it as it was rush hour. Nevertheless we were able to complete the fuel drain and have his going again.

Wrong Fuel Brondesbury – Petrol in diesel Brondesbury

We were recently called out to a lady who had misfueled at the Shell petrol station in Brondesbury. She’d mistakenly put petrol in her diesel Peugeot 306 and was sitting at the fuel station, really worried about her vehicle. Our engineer carried out the fuel drain and she was on her way again in a short time.

Wrong Fuel Brondesbury Park – Petrol in diesel Brondesbury Park

An elderly gentleman called us from the Jet Cricklewood fuel station near Brondesbury Park. He said he felt very foolish as he’d managed to put £7 of petrol in his diesel Volvo before he realized his mistake. Luckily, he hadn’t started the engine and it took our technician a very short time to carry out the fuel drain.

Wrong Fuel Dollis Hill – Petrol in diesel Dollis Hill

We recently attended to a rather sheepish man at the BP station in Dollis Road. He had misfueled his beautiful Audi A3 diesel by filling up with the wrong fuel, in this case petrol. We sent our technician to Dollis Hill to help him out and our admiring technician carried out the fuel drain quickly and easily. There were no problems with the car and the driver was very pleased.

Wrong Fuel Harlesden – Petrol in diesel Harlesden

A lady had put £15 of petrol in her (borrowed) sister’s diesel Honda Accord, much to her chagrin. As soon as she realized that she had misfueled, she called us from the petrol station in Harlesden and we soon had a technician with her. We drained the tank and the job took about forty minutes in all. She was very pleased that she hadn’t ruined her sister’s car.

Wrong Fuel Kensal Green – Petrol in diesel Kensal Green

An upset man called us out to the Shell Kensal station after he had mistakenly pumped petrol into his diesel Hyundai Tucson. Happily, our technician had just finished a job in nearby Kenton, so it took him almost no time at all to arrive in Kensal Green to carry out the fuel drain. Job done in under an hour and everyone happy.

Wrong Fuel Kenton – Petrol in diesel Kenton

The businessman who called us from Kenton Road filling station couldn’t understand how he could have put the wrong fuel into his gorgeous BMW 535d. We reassured him that we could safely drain the petrol from his diesel car with no ill effects. He was glad he decided to trust us, and in fact he hadn’t run the engine since the misfuel, so our technician drained the tank and the car ran beautifully afterwards.

Wrong Fuel Kilburn – Petrol in diesel Kilburn

A worried man called us from the Shell petrol station in Kilburn Road. He had put petrol in his hired Toyota Corolla diesel and was very concerned about damage to the engine and any subsequent costs. We were able to reassure him by carrying out the necessary wrong fuel removal to everyone’s satisfaction. He was soon on his way to visit his relatives and there were no problems with the car.

Wrong Fuel Kingsbury – Petrol in diesel Kingsbury

We recently carried out a fuel drain on a Saab in Kingsbury. Happily, the owner hadn’t started the engine, so it was a simple task for our technician to remove the petrol from this diesel car and have the driver on his way within fifteen minutes of his arrival.

Wrong Fuel Neasden – Petrol in diesel Neasden

A few weeks ago we were called out to Neasden Lane where a Seat Leon had ground to a halt after the owner had misfueled his diesel car with petrol at a nearby petrol station. We had to drain the wrong fuel and thoroughly clean the system before the owner could start the car again and drive away.

Wrong Fuel Park Royal – Petrol in diesel Park Royal

Our most recent callout to Park Royal was to a gentleman who had put £20 of petrol in his diesel Citroen C3 at his local petrol station. The technician who carried out the wrong fuel removal arrived promptly and soon had the Citroen’s tank drained, cleaned and refueled within an hour of arrival. This turned out to be a handy location for our fuel drainer who popped into the Park Royal superstore and did a spot of shopping.

Wrong Fuel Queen’s Park – Petrol in diesel Queen’s Park

We carried out a fuel drain at a house in Queen’s Park after the owner had misfueled his Ford Focus at the local petrol station. He had put petrol in his diesel Ford Focus and had actually managed to drive the short distance to his home before his car refused to start. When we arrived, we drained the tank and flushed the fuel lines, filter and pumps to purge the contaminated fuel. We then re-primed them with clean diesel and soon had the engine running again. Happy owner, happy fuel drainer.

Wrong Fuel Queensbury – Petrol in diesel Queensbury

A young mother tearfully called us from Honeypot Lane in Queensbury a few weeks ago. She had put petrol in her diesel Honda and was quite distraught. Our technician soon arrived in the scene and performed the fuel drain whilst mother and daughter had a snack at the café. They were back on the road again and safely heading home very quickly.

Wrong Fuel Stonebridge – Petrol in diesel Stonebridge

Recently we were called to Stonebridge attend to a Mitsubishi that had been misfueled. Getting around the North Circular Road is never the fastest thing to do in heavy traffic, but our technician managed to reach the driver within the hour. He removed the petrol from the diesel tank and soon had both car and driver back on the road again.

Wrong Fuel Sudbury – Petrol in diesel Sudbury

One of the nice things about working for a fuel drain company is knowing that you’ve helped someone. We received a call from a man in Sudbury who had mistakenly filled his diesel Ford Mondeo with petrol. Fortunately, our technician was in Sudbury when he called and managed to remove the wrong fuel within fifty minutes of arriving at the scene. The driver was very happy and went off to his meeting.

Wrong Fuel Tokyngton – Petrol in diesel Tokyngton

Our technician went out to carry out a fuel drain on a Skoda that had stopped in Tokyngton Avenue, Wembley. The man who called us had realized he had put petrol in his diesel car at the nearby Tesco service station and had actually managed to drive part way down Tokyngton Avenue before the car stopped. We performed the wrong fuel removal and cleansed the system and enabled the driver to carry on about his business.

Wrong Fuel Wembley – Petrol in diesel Wembley

A lady called us from the BP service station in Wembley because she had put unleaded in her VW Golf diesel. Our engineer who went to carry out the fuel drain knows the Wembley area like the back of his hand, being a huge football fan. Once he arrived on the scene he carried out the fuel drain in less than half an hour and the driver was very happy that her Golf suffered no ill effects.

Wrong Fuel Willesden – Petrol in diesel Willesden

We completed a wrong fuel removal in Willesden where the driver had put petrol in his wife’s diesel Vauxhall Corsa. He actually managed to drive it a short way before he came to a complete standstill on the busy North Circular Road in Willesden. We soon had him back behind the wheel but we never found out if he admitted to her that he’d misfueled her car!