Wrong Fuel in My Car in London

Help! I’ve put the wrong fuel in my car. I’m in the middle of London. What do I do?

The first thing to realise if you are saying to yourself “I put the wrong fuel in my car in London” is that you are not alone. We get so many calls from unfortunate people who have put petrol in a diesel car in London on a daily basis. It is less common to get a callout regarding putting diesel in a petrol car in London, but this happens as well.

The second thing to know is that you should not, wherever possible, start or drive the vehicle. If you put petrol in a diesel car and then start the engine you have a much higher risk of causing damage to the fuel system than if you just leave it and wait for one of our engineers to come and drain out the tank. Wrong fuel removal is a very simple task on a car that has not been run. In fact, a fuel drain on a vehicle like this can take a matter of 15-30minutes depending on the quantity of contaminated fuel in the tank.

However, if you have put the “wrong fuel in my car” in London and have started the engine or driven the car we can still help. Obviously in this case there is the possibility that some damage has been caused to the fuel system components but, to be honest, the chances of anything serious happening are very low. To give you an idea of the chances; over the last year we have done over 4,000 fuel drains, mostly on vehicles run on contaminated fuel. Of all of these cars there were less than a dozen that has sustained serious enough damage to warrant having parts fixed or replaced.

The very next thing that you should do, regardless of whether you have started the car or not, is to call Wrong Fuel London. Our call handlers are knowledable and will be able to provide you with the assistance and guidance that you need to resolve the situation. Bearing in mind that the majority of cases of the wrong fuel in a car will require a fuel drain Wrong Fuel London has a fleet of mobile fuel technicians on call and waiting to come out to do a fuel drain regardless of where you are in London and regardless of the time of day or night.

Wrong Fuel London is one of the only truely 24/7 mobile fuel drain specialists in London. We know this to be true due to the fact that a lot of other “24/7” wrong fuel removal companies call us out in the early hours of the morning or on weekends to attend fuel drains that they are unable to cover. So, cut out the middle-man and just come to us direct.

Wrong fuel in my car in London (petrol in my diesel car in London)? Call us now. We are fast, cost-effective and efficient.

Wrong Fuel in my car London