Fuel Drain on a Ford Galaxy

Fuel Drain on a Ford Galaxy

Did a fuel drain on a Ford Galaxy the other day. The vehicle has a diesel engine but unfortunately the driver filled it up with petrol. He then drove the vehicle until it cut out and refused to restart.

Fortunately he didn’t panic and called us up. We sent one of our mobile fuel drainers out to meet him and drain the fuel tank. A short while the driver was up and running again and on his way.

We Drained out the fuel tank:

Draining the tank on a Ford Galaxy

Tihs was done until the fuel tank was completely empty:

Empty fuel tank Ford Galaxy

We then had to clear out the fuel lines, filter, pump and injectors:

Clearing the fuel lines of a Ford Galaxy

Once this was all done we primed the system with clean fuel and started it up again.

The customer was over the moon and we headed off to the next job.

If you need a fuel drain on any type of vehicle in London, give us a call.