What are the other Fuel Draining Companies in London up to??

What are the other Fuel Draining Companies in London up to??

What are some of the other fuel draining companies in London up to? In the last 48 hours we’ve been called out to 3 jobs that were either incorrectly or incompletely done by one fuel drain company or another (I’d love to name names but won’t for legal and ethical reasons). We get these type of calls sometimes – but 3 in 2 days?!

The ironic thing about this is that 2 of these unfortunate customers had called us before booking the call-out with someone else. They had both decided to go with the cheapest quote before finding out that there is probably a reason that the quote was so cheap – the work that was carried out was sub-standard.

If you find yourself trawling the internet, trying to find the cheapest price you will need to realise that there is usually a reason that someone is able to undercut everyone else, and it usually has something to do with the level of service that can be offered.

We offer very competitive prices. Although our prices are generally lower than those you will get from the likes of the AA and RAC, they will never be the “cheapest” because we have to factor in various expenses like:

– Full Public Liability Insurance for your peace of mind. If an uninsured engineer damages your car you will have a lot of trouble getting any sort of compensation.

– Standardised fuel drain equipment that adheres to Health & Safety and Environmental Agency regulations. Handling petrol is a dangerous job even with the right equipment. However, such is the faith in our training and equipment that we’ve been called out by the Kent Count Council and Fire Department to remove an illegal fuel storage discovered at a residential address.

– Professionally trained engineers who know what they are doing and won’t damage your car.

– Full VAT and company registration (keep in mind that someone who will accept cash “under the table” is scamming the government, and if he’s bold enough to con the government he would surely have no hesitation in trying to con you).

So, if you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car and need it drained out call us. We can’t promise you the cheapest quote, but we will give you the best quote for the service required.

Call 07804 311182 now.